August 2015

Since Alberta has been run by a progressive conservative government for the last 43 years it was quite a shock to many that in the last election it was NDP who won. Many adults and every youth who live in Alberta have not seen a government that was not progressive conservative.

Some of the youth are glad to see a change in government but others are not liking that the NDP are in power. With this change in government there are many things that the youth would like to see in the future. One of the things that majority of the youth in southern Alberta want to see in the future are lowered costs for post-secondary schooling which the NDP had in their platform. With post-secondary almost becoming necessary to get any kind of job many of the youth would like to see a decline in price for their education so that once they get out of school they do not have a huge debt.

The youth are glad that the NDP plan to make Alberta more diversified and not so reliant on the oil sands considering the massive drop in the price of oil. Also with the plan to raise minimum wage to$15 an hour has some youth excited and others worried. On the one hand the youth are happy to get paid more and have no complaints whatsoever. But on the other hand some of the youth are worried because with the increased wage their employer may decide that they do not need so many employees and would lay them off, also they feel it will be a lot more difficult to find a part time job with the wage increase.

The youth who are antiĀ­ NDP do not like that in their platform the NDP plan to stop fishing and hunting in certain places and create more parks because they want topreserve the wildlife. The youth who are against are against this because it’s taking away from their recreation and they also feel that the acts of hunting and fishing can actually help preservation for example with fishing you can get rid of invasive species so that the native species can survive and flourish.

The youth are informed about what is happening in their government and want what’s best for their community,province, and country.Regardless of any of these views the NDP is now in power and hopefully they will help to benefit Alberta.